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News: Partnership Takes Dutch Genetics to Colombia.

Clever Leaves announced that through its partnership with a Dutch seed bank Paradise Seeds, it would develop and register high-performance cannabis cultivars in Colombia. Clever Leaves will have an exclusive license to cultivate some of these genetics, while Paradise will make other cultivars available to third parties for cultivation across Colombia and Latin America.



Paradise Seeds and Clever Leaves have formed a strategic alliance to create and register high-performing cannabis cultivars in Colombia. As a result of this partnership, Paradise Seeds will make other cultivars available to third parties for cultivation throughout Colombia and Latin America, while Clever Leaves will have an exclusive license to produce particular genotypes. Through the cooperation, market-leading cultivars for production and commercialization will be registered at Clever Leaves' facilities through rigorous selection, phenotyping, and agronomic trials of Paradise variants.

To guarantee traceability and openness in international trade, Colombian statutes require all cannabis types to be officially registered agronomically. Through this partnership, Paradise genetics has received its first agronomic registration in Colombia, allowing for the authorized production and cultivation of Paradise strains for sale to international medical cannabis markets. The alliance takes advantage of Clever Leaves' skill in cultivating and producing medicinal cannabis under Good Manufacturing Practices that comply with international standards, and Paradise's experience in developing superior cannabis strains, supported by its several award-winning strains.

This collaboration shows how important strategic relationships and teamwork are becoming in the cannabis sector. Businesses may reach new customers/clients, increase the scope of their product offerings, and support the general expansion and development of the legal cannabis market by pooling their resources and expertise.

Source: MMJDaily


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