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News: Germany’s Cannabis Legalization Law Officially Takes Effect, Allowing Personal Possession and Cultivation for Adults.

Germany’s marijuana legalization law officially took effect on Monday, with personal possession and cultivation now permitted for adults. Just days after the cannabis bill was signed into law, the non-commercial legalization provisions are now in force. Social clubs where people will be able to obtain marijuana are due to launch in July.



Germany's cannabis legalization law has gone into force, allowing individuals to possess and cultivate cannabis for personal use. The legislation, which was signed into law just days ago, allows individuals 18 and older to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis and grow up to three plants for personal use. Individuals can obtain cannabis at social clubs, which will open in July. Members will be able to purchase up to 25 grams every visit, with a monthly limit of 50 grams. These policies represent a dramatic shift in Germany's stance to cannabis, following a lengthy legislative procedure and internal discussions within the government coalition.

The implementation of non-commercial legalization provisions follows extensive negotiations and compromises within Germany's government. After passing through the Bundestag in February, the legislation faced further deliberation before finally being signed into law by Bundesrat President Manuela Schwesig. The enactment of this law reflects a broader trend toward cannabis reform across Europe, with Germany joining other nations in reassessing its approach to marijuana policy.

This move is significant for the cannabis sector because Germany is one of the largest and most prominent markets in Europe. The legalization of personal possession and cultivation serves as a model for other European countries exploring similar reforms. Furthermore, the formation of social clubs and preparations for prospective commercial sales pilot programs indicate chances for industry expansion and investment in the area. Observers will closely follow Germany's legalization experience, which may impact future policy decisions and regulatory frameworks both inside the country and across the continent.

Source: Marijuana Moment


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